I am CTO and co-founder of a Danish healthcare startup and has been working as a programmer/developer for 10-11 years. My biggest asset is probably not my coding skills as many others are way better than I am, but my attitude and way of communication separates me from the pack. What I will try to share is tips on how you can improve communication, both verbal and non-verbal, get in better shape while not having to move into the gym with a personal trainer as roommate, and help you change peoples initial and lasting impression of you.

As far as training goes I have been doing barbell work for 20+ years. Gymnastics for 7 and tried all sorts of different sports; two years of kick- and thai-boxing, American football, volleyball to name a few. Competed in crossfit with only 5 weeks preparation and no prior knowledge of Olympic lifting, taught classes of gymnastic strength movements, won the Danish indoor 50m sprint championship and many other strange achievements.

I did barbell work 6-7 days a week for a long period, but changed it, since it used up all my time. Now, I am in even better shape, using much less time in the gym, doing a hybrid of barbell and gymnastics routine mixed with sprinting. I cut away what was unnecessary to keep it simple. In other words; I trained too much so that you don’t have to.

I did competitive sprinting because I love to compete, but I am convinced that you can get 80% of the results doing just 20% of the work. This is what I hope to come across with to you.

I am also quite interested in philosophy and human psychology, which will keep showing up in posts from time to time, as my head wraps itself around some strange thoughts. But again, my focus will be on tips to deal with your own mind, to keep your life simple.

If this strange mix for some reason sounds interesting – please subscribe and keep coming back. And do not hesitate to tell me, if what I post is full of shit, or makes no sense; I am here to learn as well.

You can contact me at: lifefitnesskiss(funny looking a)gmail.com

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