I will start of with a short introduction to this blog. I actually thought about writing a blog for quite some time now, but never really got around to publishing anything. My thoughts about what I would use it for kind of stumpled upon each other, and resulted in no posts at all. This alone would make up for a coming post about procrastination. 

Then what could you expect to find on this blog. I am a computer programmer/gymnast/fitness athlete/upcoming entrepreneur/positve thinker/a-lot-more. I spend quite a lot of time on figuring out, how to get the most out of life, and stumple upon quite interesting articles, audio’s etc. which makes me reflect upon life. As I for quite some time now, has had a fascination for writing in general, I decided that what better way to get good at it, than actually do it. This blog will propably get quite a few posts on traning, nutrition, work and life in general.

I see a goal in the horizon where this blog not only helps me reflect, but also helps other people get more out of life or maybe just lets them agree, disagree or anything in between. I am not totally certain about the way to get to that goal, but the only way to get anywhere is by taking the first step and follow that one by one. The first steps will certainly be unstable, but in time I am sure that this will be awesome! 

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