Vagabonding solo for a month in Myanmar

Updates on this blog will be probably close to nonexistent, for the next month. I have left the cold Northern Europe behind and set out to spend a month in Myanmar. Some of the big cities, may have internet connectivity, but my focus will be elsewhere, so do not expect much for the entire month of April.

What it should bring however, is some cool handstand and other gymnastic pictures of me, that I can use in the posts, I plan to write, upon returning. Even brought my gymnastic rings, and hope to find some good places to hang them and have a good workout, in different and amazing scenery.

As a little story of the start of my journey. I started by going to Bangkok, where I am at the moment. I needed a visa for Myanmar, but since I only figured that part out too late, I was not able to get it fixed before leaving home, as my country did not have a Myanmar embassy. I was just about to let go of the thought of coming to Myanmar this April; but then I read about the possibility of getting same day visa in Bangkok. It sounded possible, so I booked my flight to Bangkok with return from Yangoon and 2 days in Bangkok to get the visa.

First of Google maps pulled a “Apple maps” on me, and the address I got for the embassy was right, it just were nowhere close to where Google maps, had it placed. A friendly guard outside the German embassy helped me by getting a taxi and of I went. When I got there the queue was pretty long, as expected. But most people, had some formulas they had filled, and I could not spot them anywhere. I asked someone and he said that I should ask by the counter. Then I walked past everybody, all the way to the counter, asked for it, and two for a Spanish couple that needed them as well. And with a smile, the girl at the counter gave them to me, that just took some of the tension of early on – as long as they smile, you are able to talk your way out of most things.

I filled the form, found two pictures and a copy of my passport, then got in line. By the counter I even found glue, for attaching the one picture to the form and paper clips, to keep everything together. When I got to the counter, I handed over the papers, she looked at them, gave a few stamps and handed me a number – then I just had to wait, in a hot dense room, full of people, until it was my turn to get to the next step. But for some very odd reason, I only managed to turn around, before my number was called. I went to the other counter, handed in my papers once more. She asked me when I was leaving, which is Saturday and when I wanted it back, same day or next day – I said same day if possible – it was, cost was like 200 bath more, but that was very worth it. I wanted my passport back as soon as possible. Then I just payed the total amount and went out the door, a passport poorer and a little yellow slip of paper richer.

Then all I had to do, was return at 15:30 to pick up my passport; this was easier than anticipated. Checking in at my hotel without a passport, gave the fun process, at least for my simple mind, of seeing the clerk take a photocopy, of my photocopy, of my passport.

I returned that afternoon to the embassy, had to wait some time as there was totally packed with people in the little room, which was equipped with two very large aircon-units, that for some reason was not running, but instead was replaced with a little fan on the floor. But after some waiting, I got my passport back and now I can make my way into Myanmar. Let the adventure begin…

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