Barbell bodybuilding to bodyweight gymnastics


Over the next coming weeks, I plan on doing a little mini-series, on going from “classic” barbell strength work, to implementing some bodyweight gymnastics, to form a hybrid or perhaps go all the way and stick to only bodyweight exercises.

I will touch upon the “why”, giving you some pros and cons, on implementing a more bodyweight-biased training protocol, helping you decide whether this may be something for you.

I will then give you some steps and approaches, on how to actually go about implementing these exercises, with a more “how”-inspired focus. There are, as I see it, quite a few different ways, you could choose to implement these exercises, when you come from doing pure barbell-work – which in the end all comes down to your goals and motivation for shifting.

Then I also plan on giving you some advice on, what to have as realistic goals. What can you expect to get out of all your work. Which movements and tricks are within reach the first months, half year, year. And how do you keep your motivation high, when things do not come as easily as expected. Expectations and progressions are as I see it, one of the key areas, where “classic” bodybuilding/strength work is very different to gymnastic/bodyweight training.

Stay tuned…

Edit. Go here for part 2

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