Eggs boiled, scrambled, omelet, pancakes – a simple tip

You may know this tip already, but given how many years I had eggs, before I came across this tip; you may not.

I love eggs and use them frequently in my diet. As fried eggs on beefs of minced meat, in scrambled eggs with tuna, pancakes etc. They are an awesome source of protein and tastes wonderful.

But if you ever made any dish with eggs, apart from boiling them, you’ve probably experienced the joy of trying to get pieces of eggshell, back out of the bowl – unless of course – you are an absolute egg-ninja. It’s always a pain in the a**, and leaves you with fingers fully submerged in egg-fluid, after you have tried all other pieces of kitchen tools, within reach.

But not anymore. All you have to do, is use pieces of eggshell, to retrieve the pieces in the bowl. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get hold of those slippery little pieces once you do it this way.

Happy cooking!

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