Optimism bias – a strike on stoicism?

I watched this TED talk today, and actually found it rather interesting. Mainly because it seems to deliver some arguments, that might speak against some of the principles of stoicism. As I am quite fascinated by stoicism, this really caught my attention.

A part of stoicism is fighting hedonic adaptation, by being content with what you’ve already got and not always striving for more. Tali Sharot seems to have done some experiments that – at least as far as I interpret it – kind of questions this approach to life, as a way to obtain happiness. Her studies seems to make a strike for the happy optimist that always strives for more or at least anticipates more.

But watch it and create you’re own opinion. If you’re the least bit interested in human psychology, you will find it interesting.

It made me put her book: The Optimism Bias on my amazon shopping list, she really puts some interesting things up for thought, even though they may speak against some principles I hold. But it’s always good to have someone challenge you’re beliefs – you may end up smarter.

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