Constraint inspires creativity – tiny houses documentary

Saw this documentary the other night. Apart from a lot of racing towards the smallest space to live in, I think it was quite inspirational. Of course as the title suggests it preaches minimalism and simple living. The easy part is just to wave them of the table as crazy individuals, but if you stray from that initial impression, I think they are somewhat on to something. The tiny spaces means that they are forced to think quite creatively. It is quite fun to see exactly how creative solutions some of these people have come up with.

My personal favorites is the french guy who lives in an old garage – that solution is just pure genius! I am really impressed by people who can look at such an old and on the face of it; useless place and see those possibilities. Perhaps a close second is the old Spanish tool shed. But just living in those surroundings would make a lot of people happy.

Apart from a lot of people wanting to live more minimalistic, a lot of people are forced to live in rather small spaces because of cost of living in big cities etc. I myself live in a 12 square meter room in Copenhagen in a shared apartment. Before I lived in a 10 times as big house with a 2 story garage of the same size – but I miss absolutely nothing of it. Living small and minimalistic is just as nice with the added upside of less cleaning and less stuff, you are somewhat forced to consider most of your belongings, which I really like. Moving out of that big house and garage was such a nightmare with all the stuff I had managed to gather – without really trying actually, but there was always room for whatever I seemed to stumble upon. Deciding to get rid of it sure was worse than if I had been constrained to not acquire it in the first place.

I would really encourage you to watch the documentary, there are so many fun solutions to storage, that I will almost promise you that you’ll end up inspired to change something at home.

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