Neil Gaiman – one of the best commencement speeches?


I always thought Steve Jobs commencement speech was one of the best of its kind. Every time I hear it, it inspires me and makes me think about how I spend my time. I won’t say that Neil Gaimans commencement speech, is better than Steve Jobs’, but in my opinion it is up there, close to it.

The speech is kind of centered around art, but for the most part, you could swap art with work. He has some really good analogies on goals, doing what you love and enjoying the process as you go along. In short, some of the same topics that Steve Jobs’ speech touches on – which might be why I like both of them so much.

Apart from that, I will let you form your own opinion – enjoy.

One response to “Neil Gaiman – one of the best commencement speeches?”

  1. That’s my alma matter. We didn’t have speakers when I was there though. This is new.

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