Headspace guided meditation

Ever thought about meditating? You will most likely, have seen your share of headlines, articles and clips, describing the benefits of meditation. You may even have thought about trying. But getting started isn’t that easy. There are quite a few guided meditation courses available, but the quality usually aren’t that good.

Most of them kind of attack the problem, from the optimal meditative state, point of view. Meaning that they kind of miss the mark of beginners, by quite some margin. It is possible to design a super good training program and diet, that would make a person super fit. But if it does not keep him or her motivated, it is bound to fail. A less than, objectively optimal training, and diet scheme, can yield way better results, if they are designed to keep the individual motivated.

It is the same with meditation. Some people would definitely say that if you look for convenience and needs additional motivation for your meditation, then you shouldn’t even do it, because meditation should be something that comes naturally. I agree – if everything was perfect – it would come naturally, and you would stick to it without the need for motivation or external factors. But as anyone, who actually lives in the real world knows; perfect conditions are a very scarce resource.

Luckily some rather clever people, figured this out some time ago and started the company Headspace. They offer 10 days of 10 minutes guided meditation for free. All you have to do is set aside 10 minutes a day, sit down and listen to the instructions. The first day there is a instructional video that explains what you can/should expect from the 10 days. And I found the 10 minute guided courses very easy to follow. They leave you somewhat in peace and relaxed, but also clears your mind. I have tried it first thing in the morning and also at night – do not know which I prefer actually, but avoid being too tired, you are not supposed to fall asleep.

I am in no way involved with Headspace and won’t earn any commission of you signing up. Just wanted to share, what I think, is a very good offer.

You can find them here: Headspace.com or just google headspace

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