Visualize yourself owning the workout


Do you enter your gym with the mindset of having to just get through your workout, in order to get the hell out of there again? Do you feel like you just have to have been there, in order to fulfill your promises to yourself? Then welcome to mediocrity. It is better than staying at home, but if the majority of your workouts feel that way, you need to seriously change something!

What I do, even days in advance, is think about the workout I am going for. As stated earlier I am at the moment doing Wendlers 5/3/1, where the last set in each exercise, is a “all-out” set. One or two days in advance, I will start thinking about how many reps I will shoot for, in this final set of each exercise. I have most of my prior achievements written down, so I know what to shoot for, in order to make a new personal record. I then visualize myself lifting the weights, breaking the records and thereby winning this internal battle against myself.

When I have set these goals for myself, I feel totally psyched, when leaving for the gym. I know I go there to make myself better than last time, to advance, break records or give it my very best trying to do so. I know what success will feel like, and I do NOT like losing!

The last hour or so before, leaving I start to really ramp up the music, start feeling the muscles that will get worked and literally can’t wait to get going. Each workout I start this way, always ends up being a success. When your mind is set, you are psyched up and almost stomping the ground like a mad bull to get going you can’t do anything other than own your workout!

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