Aristotle on management: Wittiness

There are truckloads of books, seminars and courses on the latest and greatest management methods. But is the latest and greatest really what we need or are developments in management theory primarily making the wheels spin for the people who invent them and the institutions that rely on teaching them. Can a man that lived … Continue reading Aristotle on management: Wittiness

Accelerate global learning with XPRIZE Heard about this project a few weeks ago. The XPRIZE organization is a non-profit organization that creates public competitions to tackle big world problems. They are usually backed by very big checks to the winners of each competition. This specific competition is their global learning competition. In short and completely stolen of their site: … Continue reading Accelerate global learning with XPRIZE

Doing what you love, productivity, procrastination and social media

When you follow your dreams and work with what you love and feel really will do an impact, then you're never hit by procrastination – right? I can't recall how many times I have been met with that assumption. Hey it must be so awesome to work with what you love, then it probably never … Continue reading Doing what you love, productivity, procrastination and social media