Stop cravings – the unexpected effect of L-Glutamine

The claimed benefits of L-Glutamine are numerous, including; reduced recovery time, increased metabolism, increased muscle growth and many others – the experienced benefits from my point of view at least are somewhat of a shorter list. But in one area it actually delivered.

My main reason for trying it was the reduced recovery time. Having a rather packed schedule, even though I try not to pack too many workouts in each week, I was rather welcoming a supplement that may reduce my recovery time and make me feel more energetic and less burned.

Being already quite aware of not over-training or burning out, it was not supposed to get me from total zombie to absolute superman, but only just make me actually feel as if i recover easier. Doing a combination of strength training, Track & Field sprinting and Teamgym gymnastics there was a lot of settings that I could have felt a difference. But it somehow just did not make any difference even though I really wanted it to do so.

Another area where it could have helped was fending of the common cold. Probably because of pushing the body on such a regular basis and being pretty close to burnout(a subject I will cover later as I have since changed my training philosophy a bit), I almost as certain as clockwork run into a common cold once or twice a year. One of the benefits of L-Glutamine should be enhancing CNS and thereby helping your own body fight of disease. But I still got the same old common cold even though I was taking L-Glutamine and even upping the dosage did not help in fighting it off. This could of course have been a very strong common cold or whatever – but point remains – it disappointed.

One area where it did deliver however was somewhat unexpected and I actually had to look it up afterwards to see if it could be L-Glutamine that caused this effect. I follow intermittent fasting and has done so for the past 5 years probably, meaning that I eat my first meal somewhere around 11.00 and the last somewhere around 18 – 19.00. What I had noticed was that I in some periods feel a crave for something sweet right after my first meal of the day. And starting L-Glutamine I was in such a period, but strangely the craving sort of disappeared. Usually I had a piece of dark chocolate not that long after my first meal to fend of this craving, but taking L-Glutamine this craving just disappeared and generally I had a much easier time sticking to meals and not craving unhealthy foods at strange times of the day. Once I ran out of L-Glutamine the craving returned – so I am positive that it came as an effect of L-Glutamine.

Whether this would be enough effect to warrant a purchase of L-Glutamine would be your choice. You may even experience the other effects, but in my opinion it did not quite deliver. I haven’t bought it since, but may do so if I find myself in a situation where I really needs to stick to a low calorie diet. But for now I stick to the only two supplements that I can really feel and measure the effect of; creatineand beta-alanine.

I bought L-Glutamine as powder like this: NOW Foods L-Glutamine Pure Powder, 1-Poundbut if you’re more into pills like these: Optimum Nutrition Glutamine 1000mg, 120 Capsulesthen that should be your choice.

If you have had any strange or unexpected effects of L-Glutamine or any other supplement, then please let me know below.

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