Drinking water vs absorbing water

Most people probably drink too little water. They kill their thirst with some sort of bottled or canned alternative containing either none or lots of calories. Steering somewhat clear of that discussion I will focus on the ones who actually do turn to water whenever they feel thirsty and only uses the bottled and canned … Continue reading Drinking water vs absorbing water

Competition preparation do’s and dont’s

Preparing for a competition in most sports should be so simple, yet so many people get it wrong - even experienced athletes. This great quote says it all: You can’t win a competition in the last week of preparation - but you CAN lose it! People suddenly get worried that they haven’t done everything right, … Continue reading Competition preparation do’s and dont’s

Stop cravings – the unexpected effect of L-Glutamine

The claimed benefits of L-Glutamine are numerous, including; reduced recovery time, increased metabolism, increased muscle growth and many others – the experienced benefits from my point of view at least are somewhat of a shorter list. But in one area it actually delivered. My main reason for trying it was the reduced recovery time. Having … Continue reading Stop cravings – the unexpected effect of L-Glutamine

Reduce pre-workout supplement sleep problems

How do you get to sleep normally while taking pre-workout supplements? Some people do not experience any problems, but for a lot of people preworkout supplements messes with their sleep. The easy way to avoid this of course is to just skip the pre-workout altogether, but I know from my own experience how tough this … Continue reading Reduce pre-workout supplement sleep problems